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Cricut Basic Trimmer 12Inch
Cricut Basic Trimmer 12inch - High-quality trimmer for materials up to 12inch wide Unique easy-glide...
Cricut Basic Trimmer Replacement Blades
Cricut Basic Trimmer Replacement Blades - Fresh replacement blades yield clean accurate cuts with the...
Cricut Basic Trimmer Scoring Blades
Provo Craft-Cricut Basic Trimmer Scoring Blades. Precision replacement cutting blades ideal for use with the...
Cricut Deep Cut Blade With Housing
Cricut Deep Cut Blade with Housing A shorter housing piece provides greater clearance for thicker...
Cricut Explore Deep Cut Housing & Blade
CRICUT-Explore Deep Cut Housing and Blade. The housing and blade combine for precise cutting of...
Cricut Replacement Blade Pk 2
Cricut Replacement Blade pk 2
Cricut Scoring Tip With Housing
Cricut Scoring Tip with Housing Create crisp fold lines for your creative projects with the...
Pc Cricut Deep Cut Blade
PC Cricut Deep Cut Blade - Slice thicker material with ease! Shorter housing provides greater...