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1. Site Security

At, your security is our number one concern. We are pleased to tell you about the measures we have taken to ensure your security.

We have followed and surpassed all industry standards necessary for a secure site. We are a SSL secure site. This means that all information sent to our site is encrypted and protected against disclosure to third parties.

Our servers use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is an advanced technology that encrypts all of the information you send us in your online order (this includes all of your personal information such as your name, address, credit card number, etc.) so that it cannot be read as the information as it travels over the Internet.


2. Cookies

A "cookie" is a small text file that your browser keeps on your hard disk, and is very common on the Internet. They are a way for us to remember who you are. They also allow us to "remember" what you put in your shopping cart as you browse through our product selection. However, you can still browse our products and use many of our site features without cookies.

To place an order on our website, your browser DOES need to accept cookies. If you do not feel comfortable modifying your browser preference files, please feel free to e-mail us for assistance.


3. Privacy Policy

At, we understand that our customers are concerned with privacy, so we have initiated policies to ensure that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly. We collect customer information in an effort to improve your shopping experience and to communicate to you about our products, services, contests or promotions.

If you have opted into our newsletter, we may from time to time send informational e-mails to you concerning information only. These would be specials or short messages containing information that we think you would want to know. If at any time you wish to stop receiving these e-mails, we give you the option to remove your name from our mailing list with one easy step. We will NOT sell, rent or share your e-mail address with a third party. We understand that this information is private and will handle it in a responsible manner.


4. Complaint Handling Policy take all complaints and disputes seriously and has a 100% guarantee on its products & services. We will give a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. customer Service will provide reasonable information and assistance to ensure that any complaints are lodged effectively.

Complaints may be lodged by phone, e-mail or by letter. Tel: 1300 331 311

If you would prefer to submit your complaint in writing, please write to us at:
Attn: Customer Service
PO Box 1040
Maroochydore, Queensland, 4558
Australia has established, and will continue to develop, quality processes for the efficient acknowledgement and processing of complaints. Complaints will be processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Managing our customer's expectations realistically is's goal. This involves the careful examination of each complaint and a resolution offered on the basis of that analysis.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, your complaint will be escalated to a supervisor or manager.

We will aim to acknowledge your written complaint within 5 working days of receiving it, and emails within 24 hours.